Altered Frappuccino Spa Gift Set

I made this for a friends' 30th Birthday. Today is her party, and since I needed something for her anyway, I figured why not go ahead and try my hand at making an altered frappuccino gift now? This way I can work out any kinks before I start my Christmas projects. But suprisingly - no real kinks to work out - this was a lot of fun! What do you think?

The picture above shows the contents of the bottles. L-R is Wild Berry Bath Salts, Milk Bath, Wild Berry Sugar Scrub and of course, what is pampering without good Chocolate?

I think it turned out fantastic...better than I'd imagined for my first try :) I really hope she likes it.

Tomorrow more craftiness will be had, as I'm going over to my friend Jessie's house to start some Valentine projects for our kids...and maybe a little something for our hubbys too? ;-) Check Jessie out over at her I Feel Crafty blog. She's amazing...she makes such beautiful things!!

By the way, Jessie...I've been getting ready to come over...

That's not even all of it...are you clearing out room for me?? Haha...oh and are you wondering what that green inferno is looming in the back of the picture? It's your Christmas pressie, of course! I told you I'd get it to you before Valentines... :-)

Until next time - Love!



  1. Absolutely Beautiful!! I'm sure she will LOVE this!!! Hope you had a good time!!

  2. Soooo did she like it? You never said! Cause I think....I love how YOU made the set..heheheheh hint hint...I have saved another set of about 8, figured they'd be good for Easter wooohooo!