Time is just not on my side...

Obviously there has been a lack of activity on this blog for a while. It isn't that I have nothing to say - I have a lot to say...just very little time lately in which to say it.

I don't want to jinx myself by saying too much...but things are looking interesting on the foster/adoption front :) We are approved, and have been contacted about a sibling group that is up for adoption...we should know more in a week or so (I hope)!

On all other fronts, it's summer - so of course life is busy :) Weekends have been full of family, friends and lots of fun...weekdays have been full of work, work and more work (and a little fun thrown in for good measure!). Getting ready for school to start up again, getting the foster room finished...which it almost is! The interior is completely drywalled, taped & mudded...it's just waiting for a coat of primer and then paint. I am hoping to get to that Sunday (we'll be out of town this weekend, visiting the sibling-in-laws for my nephew(aka baked bean)'s birthday. My neices and nephews are all beans :) There's Kidney Bean, Baked Bean, String Bean and Pinto Bean, and they all fit their bean nicknames quite well in their own little way :) My sweet beans ;)

Speaking of the siblings-in-law...or my brothers sister & family if you rather...we have decided recently that we are going to take our 2 families on a Magical Family Christmas Vacation in 2010! Where, you ask? Well, of course, the only place magical enough to spend Christmas away from home - Disney World!! So, lookout Magic Kingdom...we'll be invading your village in about 16 months...give or take a few weeks :) Color me excited! I have already started perusing the Disboards, and creating our trip planning binder. Oh, and of course, getting some great tips on saving money for Disney over at Couponing to Disney! She's amazing!! So far our family has about $35 in savings so far (saving our change only) for the World...not too shabby considering we still have almost a year and a half to go - and that we're not 'officially' starting the saving until next year!

Ok - I think that's all for now! See ya real soon :)