Experiment Non-Update

So yes…I said I would update on how we’re doing using the methods in “Have a New Kid by Friday”, and haven’t (surprise!). But really, there has been nothing to update. Monday, our first day using the “New Kid” method (I like that, I think that’s how I’ll refer to it from now on. It has nothing to do with how much I love the New Kids on the Block. Absolutely nothing), we couldn’t test the 1st phase which is: “Say it once, turn your back and walk away”. She was an absolute angel - no backtalk, no attitude, and she even went above and beyond her normal ‘everyday’ chores and swept the entire house and cleaned the windows! What did she want, you might ask (I know I did!)? Well, we’ve yet to figure that out - because she hasn’t asked us for a thing! So, then there’s Tuesday, which has 3 parts: “Let reality be the teacher”, “Respond, rather than react” and “B doesn’t happen until A is completed”. We didn’t get to try those out either - because Tuesday went very smoothly as well.

We’ll see how tonight goes I guess - not that I am wishing for mis-behavior by any means! At only 2 days in with no behavior issues to even experiment with, anyone reading this probably is thinking “What are you even using this book for??”…but let me assure you - my daughter definitely does have her moments. Although they may be few, they can be pretty ugly - and those are the moments I want to learn to handle better. We have been pretty lucky so far - but I know the older she gets the more frequently the “ugly” is going to happen if we don’t do something about it now. Plus, as I said before - since we are going to start fostering soon (and I mean, it might be actually really soon (!!) because our home study was completed and turned into our caseworker yesterday! Woohoo!), and I’d like to have some of these skills under my belt so that I can better handle situations worse than those I currently have to deal with do come up.

I will definitely keep you posted, when there’s something to keep you posted about J

God Bless,