Come Together, Right Now...Over Me

The home study was this afternoon - it went very smooth, no unexpected surprises. The lady who came to the house was very nice and easy to talk to so that helped! Now it's just waiting for the review. I have my CPR/First Aid class this Saturday and that should be it as far as certification goes.

The lady did write us down for an opening of 3 - even though the 3rd bedroom is not built yet. She was satisfied when we told her it would be built by the end of June - so that is out of the way. I thought we'd have to be certified only for 1, and then be re-certified with another home visit for the additional 2 once the room was completed.

On another positive note - we have sold the concert tickets! We now have enough to begin construction on the bedroom and I am hoping if we can get the supplies inexpensively - we may even have enough to finish it. We need a lot fewer supplies (2X4s & drywall) than we originally estimated it seems - so hopefully the budgeted amount we came up with is a little high and we can get the walls up with the sale of the tickets. Then we have some eBay items going up over the next week, and a pretty large garage sale over the weekend of June 6th which coincides with our town festival (which is a huge weekend for garage sale hunters also) - so hopefully the auctions and garage sale will net enough to buy the beds, bedding and paint that we need to get the room ready to be lived in.

I'm starting to get really excited, and I can't wait to see where this journey is going to lead us in our lives.