While filling out the forms in our referral packet - I discovered that all 3 of us will need to make Doctor appointments for wellness physicals. Normally, not such a big deal right? But, when you have no health insurance (long story), then it becomes a bigger deal. When you have no health insurance and are already tight on cash-flow - it becomes a slightly bigger deal. All in all it looks like it will cost us up to $450 for all 3 of us to get the physicals. I should have known that we would need this...I really should have. But when I saw "Medical Information Form" or whatever it said...I really assumed it would just be a family medical history we'd have to fill out.

We also are going to need to get our 2 cats to the vet to get their shots, as this needs to be done before the homestudy too. I haven't added that to our Foster Fund info at the bottom because right now, I don't have a clue how much that will be.

I am starting to wonder if we should have put this off (or if we still should put this off) until we A) have insurance and B) have more of this stuff actually at some stage of completion. I really didn't want to delay the classes and the homestudy but unless we can get some things on Ebay and sold soon, we may have no choice. Even more, I am wondering if all of these obstacles and roadblocks are popping up as a sign that we shouldn't be doing this, or if they're just part of a test that we need to pass to prove to ourselves that we can do it if we put our minds to it. I just feel we've come too far emotionally (it took so much for us to cross the bridge from *thinking* about fostering to making the decision to *do* it) to just throw in the towel. Plus, that seems like it would be such a totally selfish decision.

When it comes down to it, I think what we need right now is prayer, and a lot of it!

Until next time -