Owens/Kroger Mega Event Shopping Trip

So this week I didn't get any shopping in until the last day for the Mega Event - Wednesday (at my locality, in Northern Indiana...the sales run Thursday - Wednesday). Coinciding with the Mega Event at my local store was also their Grand Re-Opening, as they have been doing some updating to the store lately. Bonus for me! In addition to the great sales they were already having, my store had Milk & OJ 1/2 gallons for $.99, Colgate toothpaste for $.99, Bananas for $.25/lb. - and a few other goodies that I didn't take advantage of.

Here are the best deals I got:

10- Colgate toothpastes: $.99 - $.75/1 coupons* = $.24 each!
10- Quaker Rice Snacks: $1.00 - $1.00/1 coupons* = FREE!
10- Suave Deodorants: $1.00 - $.50/1 coupons* (doubled to $1) = FREE!
10- Kraft 2% Cheese: $1.99 - $5 Instant Rebate - $.75/1 coupons* = $.74 each!
4- pkg Ekrich lunchmeant: $1.00 each
4- pkg Ekrich Pepperoni: $1.00 each
4- 1/2 Gallons Milk & OJ: $1.00 each
5lbs Bananas: $1.46

I picked up a few other odds & ends but those were the major bargains. I finally got a good start to my deodorant and toothpaste stockpiles - for cheap! Now I won't *have* to buy those- I only will need to buy them when I can get them for free, or really cheap. I still don't have a big stockpile of many things, but at least those few things are in place, plus I socked away a lot of rice snacks, which we love for a pretty healthy snack, and cheese (most of which is in the freezer now).

Grand total: $136.65 (price before card savings & coupons)
Total OOP: $35.56!
Total Savings: 79% (I think! I am not sure if I am calculating this correctly...?)

I hope everyone else snagged some great deals as well!!

Happy shopping!

Love, Mariah


  1. Mariah, you did a GREAT job! It's nice to have a little stockpile of personal care items; after a while, you really find yourself "shopping" your stockpile!

    Thanks so much for linking up to Let's Go Krogering!

    Marianne @ The New Frugal Mom

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    You got some great deals! Can I even tell you HOW MUCH I miss Kroger? I never knew. We don't have Kroger here in Austin and the local store we do have is far from my favorite. No great stock up sales and no double or triple coupons! I am a huge coupon and stock-up shopper and it's been really challenging to get the great deals here in Texas that I've been used to in the past!